About us

We focus on architecture, its core and periphery, its process and topicality. We take part in creating a cooperation and connection between the architecture students of the University and the architectural society, also the representation of students. We are active participants of the professional public life as we organize lectures, building visits, workshops and summer work camps. We invite not only architects but many other experts and artists operating on the border fields of architecture. Working together is great and this makes us a community. We make architecture a wonderful experience.


The Építész Klub created an Atelier on the 5th of the Bercsényi Architect Dormitory. Aim of the Atelier-project is to produce a place which is helping the activity of Klub, giving it a place and mainly an identity. Here are taking places our meetings, workshops, courses and project works, at the same time opened to the community life. We would like to have a spacious shelving in the room long ago. This semester we decided to build it from the leftover commodity of the projects. We made it ourselves from the conception to the construction. The new piece of furniture is fully serving the Atelier, the members of Építész Klub and the residents of Bercsényi who can use it whenever.

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